We Want The World Title

We want what’s coming to us! The World! And everything in it!

Welcome to our new and improved website! Here we will keep track of our pursuits of taking over the SL Virtual world! We are excited about the way our website looks now! Please excuse the mess as we get things back up to snuff! But we are excited to announce some things that you can look forward to on this website! First and foremost we will be posting content twice a week on this website. Tuesday mornings each week we will post the Tuesday Telegraph article that will talk about some things that are going on in our family’s lives and on Second Life at a whole.

Friday’s we will be creating Fun Friday Articles that will showcase some fun things to do on Second Life each week, as well as where you can find our family during the weekends! We are ecstatic for this new format and we look forward to starting on this schedule full time as of next week (May 21st).

New Business Ventures

The second thing we are proud to announce is our new weekly podcast which will be an internet show broadcast right here and on our new website which can be found at SL Excellence Dot Press the home for our brand new media company! We will be posting those shows each week on Monday mornings! We hope to interview many people from all walks of life on Second Life! Be on the lookout as we go to work taking over the world!

Pray For the Matriarch as she gets better and back to taking over the world!

Please keep the player of Anastasia Cox (my wife) in your thoughts and prayers! She has been fighting some health issues, but is a warrior and can’t wait to rejoin us in our virtual world! So that is it for this article! We look forward to providing our brand new podcast on Monday as well as the articles we have planned for next week! If you have any questions or content ideas please send a message to Josh via our contact us page!

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