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Combat on SL

OOC Tip: Life has been very hectic this week. I ask for prayers for my real life wife who also plays my SL wife. She is in the hospital and it’s tough being without her! But she’s missed and she’s getting better! I promise if you stick to the end I will post the most embarrassing picture ever, so it’s worth it! But don’t be a buster and skip to the bottom to see it, well if you do at least come back and read the story, it’s of substance i promise!

Why Talk about Combat on SL?

Some of my friends have asked me why I thought about this topic for this weeks post. Well because I think that we cant hide the fact that some people play SL like an actual video game. Some folks just want a realistic first-person shooter, some are just lovers of drama and want to start mess, whatever reason you pick to do combat on SL, just know it is available.

Joshua Cox and his SCAR rifle.
Me, My cut and my Scar Rifle, who want some?

So how do I play combat on SL?

Just like this is a virtual world full of possibilities of your own choosing, you can choose how you roleplay. The above picture is me and my SCAR rifle. Now when I have my cut on, its because I’m hanging with my MC (The Chained Demons) or I’m on a role play sim where I can play out my gangster sensabilities. Sometimes RL frustrations make me wish I could be violent, but I can come on SL and into environments that everyone agrees to be violent on and play that out. Then I can put the cut or rifle down and go back to roleplaying whatever. I also play as a Royal Airforce Rescue Pilot (UK) as there are armies, navies, etc on SL and I can launch a missile up a butt, but all as part of the RP.

Good Combat RP Etiquette Vs Bad

Joshua Cox - RAF Combat Pilot Pic
Lieutenant Joshua Cox, RAF

Just like anything on SL there is a good way (responsible way) and a bad way of doing anything. Here are some tips.

  1. Only play Combat on sims that expressly are combat sims. No one likes the guy who thinks they are Tony Montanna shooting up a club full of cockroaches. That gets you booted from sims fast and banned from sims, and people don’t like to be friends with that ass. Stick to sims like military sims, MC sims, gang sims, etc that combat is expected.
  2. Check With Folks Ahead of Time – If you’re doing something that is especially vile or weird, even on Combat sims its best to ask folks ahead of time. Some folks are dealing with PTSD or maybe Rape memories, and no one likes the asshat that takes it too far.
  3. Follow the rules. If I’m on my MC land and we’re not at war, I’m only expected to shoot on the gun range. If i start shooting where I’m not allowed I can find myself booted from the MC quick. MC meaning Motorcycle Club.
  4. Know how to get out of combat mode when you exit combat areas or a story is done. Don’t be the weirdo trying to do creepy stuff when folks went OOC. No one likes that guy!

In Conclusion

I hope these tips give you some help when it comes to role-playing combat situations. To help with this here are some Sims you can look into for combat stuff. The embarrassing picture is at the end of this list hehe!

Combat Sims:

  • UFS – For those who want Star Trek/Science Fiction Combat
  • Cedar Creek – A role play community but one where Violence has taken place before.
  • RAF – The Royal Airforce (they also have Marines for combat, and a desert campaign)
  • New Jessie – I’ve never been there before, but they are listed as the biggest combat arena on the SL Wiki on the Wikidom Website.
  • Other Combat Regions List!

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That Embarrassing Pic I Told You About!

SL Combat RP - Josh Embarrassing Picture
How this relates: So the first picture is of me holding my gun in my MC Cut (I’m a Prospect) well part of prospecting a club is pranking, this is me in a Bikini at a club function, doing what my MC expects of me. I am not transgender or transvestite, this is a prank. But I got a laugh and know you would too!

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