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Second Life Digs – The Cox Estate

We welcome you to our first edition of Second Life Digs! Second Life Digs is our answer to a show we know and love, MTV cribs! We are excited to show you how the Cox Family is living! We are looking for places to check out, if your interested hit us up on our contact page and if we do a shoot at your home we will give you an awesome gift for your home! So without further delay, welcome to the Cox Estate!

The Cox Estate is located within the Coastal Heights community. Its located across the street from Vision Church where Joshua teaches Wednesday Night Bible Studies at 5 PM SLT! Its also around the corner from the Coastal Heights school where Josh teaches History and Social Studies!

Located in the beach portion of Coastal Heights is the Theta House home of the Fraternity that Josh is starting, and we are always looking for ways to serve! Find out how you can get your next home in Coastal Heights today!

Check out the first episode of SL Digs!

Check out this week’s SL Review and our Podcast from last week! Keep it locked here Thursday evening for our release of the Podcast we shot today! Check out my other blog as well! Last but not least we’d love it if you become our neighbor!

We as a family are always looking for members to join us! We have room for you as you can tell and this is just one of our homes! Stop by and peep this out!

We will be hiring soon, please make sure you keep your eyes peeled to this page as we hope to resume hiring persons in the next few days! As always if you have any comments or suggestions your welcome to drop one in our inbox by clicking contact us!

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