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My Review on Suki Babies by Joshua Cox

I am a proud Second Life Prim Papa! With the latest article from Linden Labs talking about virtual families, I wanted to do a series on my experiences with Prim Babies. And Suki babies are up first! It’s sorta weird the husband talking about this stuff, but I’m on SL more than my wife, so I’m like Mom and Dad sometimes LOL. Just don’t ask me to breastfeed. Next week we will talk about role-playing as a child avi and educational opportunities on SL where my sister Kia will shine as a school Principal. But until then let’s get into this Prim Baby Convo!

My Baby Looks Like Baby Hitler

Suki Baby Hitler Pose
Please take no offense. I just noticed my child doing this ALL DAY and i’m like, Do I have Baby Hitler baby?

Okay, the first thing that I have an issue with as far as Prim babies go is the lack of color. I am a proud man of color. My wife plays a Russian, so he could be caucasian looking because of her. But there is no way to add ANY color to his skin. Side by side with his Funsies Brother and Sister he doesn’t look like he belongs. I’m sorry for those sensitive to this but look how his arm is held out, and look at how Hitler does it. I don’t like that animation at all!

Weird and Awesome Animations

One thing I like about Suki babies is their animations. Besides my baby boy looking like Adolf, the other animations are rather cute. I LOVE the thought bubbles that float above their heads. Gives you something to try and decipher, like what is Elijah really thinking when the baby symbol is in his brain, does he want a sister or brother. Nope sorry, no more babies!

Suki Customer Service Is The Best Feature

Baby Elijah at Suki Baby HQ testing out the piano like Liberace!

One of the things that at first threw me off was the fact that an admin had to activate my baby after purchase. I was like, dang is this a scam or what. But what led me to Suki’s HQ to message support has led me to their best feature. Their customer support was bar none. Any issues I’ve ever had with Elijah I’ve been able to get it worked out right away. Their store has play areas where your Suki Baby can play with other babies there. The owner always responds right away to my issues and they even threw in an outfit when he was first bought because of a slight delay.

Suki Is a Keeper.

My only boggle is the fact that my baby likes to command troops like Adolf, but besides that, he is a great baby. I am happy with the purchase and I highly impress you guys to go take a look; These are the new kids on the block, and developments are going on constantly. A year or two from now they will be at Funsies status if they stay the course. Now go show them some love by doing some shopping and tell em Josh sent ya. Also please note that as they are new they are always updating, so it’s nice to watch innovation happening; Out of an award of five stars, they get a 3.5. It’s not a bad rating and I’m sure it will be five stars this time next year, no doubt!

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