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Education is Fundamental

Second Life has so many roleplay opportunities that it amazes me sometimes. Today I wanted to talk about education in Second Life. There are some people whether out of love for education or the desire to role play as a teacher, that work at schools on the grid. People are able to portray adult or children characters. Many who portray children wish to have the whole experience. Not just a home life, but going to school as well.

Child Avi Education Versus Prim Baby Education

There are two ways you can interact with going to school. If you portray a child you can go to school and there are several on the grid. But I must admit I love the school where I work at known as Costal Heights Primary School where I teach History and Social Studies. There is also ways to pursue education for prim babies. Funsies babies are great because they learn things like real children. Some people have established schools with communal toys and items that facilitate learning for prim babies.

Coastal Heights Primary - Education is Educational
Coastal Heights Primary School

Higher Learning & Adult Education

If you don’t have a prim baby and you do not portray a child, never fear! You can go to school yourself! There is one college I love on the grid called Woodcrest University. I LOVE it and if I had more time I would definitely role play there more. Everything from actual classes where you can learn, to parties, athletics, and Greek organizations. Woodcrest has something for anyone who would love to role play being a college student.

Learning For Your First Life

There are many schools that have classes on Second Life that are aimed at making you better in the real world. One of my favorite places is the National Genealogical Society of Second Life. You can actually learn how to do your own family history research and take training to help prepare you for some of the Genealogy society certifications and exams!

In Conclusion

No matter why you wish to learn, Second Life can be a great resource for learning. So take advantage! If you know of some places that I should have mentioned please leave them in the comments! Next time I update this article I will include your places in that post. Here are some other places I like for education on Second Life.

A Great Listing of Educational Places can be found here.

–          Virtual Black History Museum

–          The Elijah Abel Museum and Library

–          Stanford University

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