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Another Breed – Second Life

Child Avi’s On Second Life Are Fun

Second Life is very exciting and I love the fact that some people enjoy playing child avatars. Skyler Goode a friend of mine who has built the LDS Adam omni Ahman area is a prime example of a child avatar. Though in real life he is an older gentlemen he is able to relive his childhood through second life. I think that is so cool because I did not have a childhood I wanted in my first life. My parent (my great aunt) was older and could not take me to activity for things in my childhood.

How To Adopt on Second Life – Kids of another Breed!

Second Life allows child avatars on the grid. They also have some very strict rules about situations children on Second Life can be in. So do not expect to live out sick fantasies. Not only is it nasty but wrong. If you wish to have a child that is not a prim baby, you need to head to some of the adoption groups on Facebook or adoption places on the grid. My favorite orphanage is Little Wanderers in Cedar Creek. I like the Cedar Creek community because its reminiscent of Colorado mountain towns near where I live. You can check them out right here.

A Whole New Reality

I don’t have a real person playing a little member of my family yet, but It is something I look forward to. There are a ton of things that you can do as a child. There are schools, camps, boarding schools and more for children avatars. Be careful with your role play and remember that while your playing a child avatar your mind is that of a much older person. Be sure to set out your beliefs and policies. A great place to put that is in your picks! Check out last week’s article on educational opportunities for little characters!

Check out this other adoption agency I found!

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