The Cox Family

History of the Cox Clan

Created in 2019 by Kenny Green a long time role player, he wanted a family that he could have fun with but also be a support to each other.  The nucleus of this family started when Kenny first came to Second Life as Aries Wingate. Many of the people who joined his family have stuck around today to be a part of this family.

The last name Cox is of English origin. It was originally chosen because of the sound and the simplicity of just having three letters. However as more research was done on the origins of the name, it fit the family just right. Associated with roosters, family members are head strong yet resilient and always runs the yard!

We role play in three communities on the grid. Cedar Creek where the family operates Screwballs Billiards, we also role play in Cocoa Bay where we operate our life coaching business known as Beewell Services. And lastly Coastal Heights where our family manor is located as well as our media operation.

Why You Should Be a Cox

We are looking for people to become a part of our family every day! Here are a few reasons why you may be interested in becoming a member of the Cox Family.

  1. Support – We are not just family that role plays but we support each of our family members in whatever endeavors they want to pursue on SL. Whether thats opening a business, or just helping you through the bad times.
  2. Benefits – We have homes in several role play communities on SL, and any member of our family are welcome to use them off. We also help you visualize your dreams. We dont give hand outs so dont come begging. But if your legit, and your wanting to be family for the right reasons, we will support you and your goals on SL!
  3. Roleplay – This is at the heart of what we do on Second Life! We love to role play with each other! We host family events and story-lines all the time! All members of the family can contribute to the story!