Another Breed of Child

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Another Breed – Second Life Child Avi’s On Second Life Are Fun Second Life is very exciting and I love the fact that some people enjoy playing child avatars. Skyler Goode a friend of mine who has built the LDS Adam omni Ahman area is a prime example of a child avatar. Though in real … Read more Another Breed of Child


Education is Fundamental

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Second Life has so many roleplay opportunities that it amazes me sometimes. Today I wanted to talk about education in Second Life. There are some people whether out of love for education or the desire to role play as a teacher, that work at schools on the grid. People are able to portray adult or … Read more Education is Fundamental


Suki Suki Now!

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My Review on Suki Babies by Joshua Cox I am a proud Second Life Prim Papa! With the latest article from Linden Labs talking about virtual families, I wanted to do a series on my experiences with Prim Babies. And Suki babies are up first! It’s sorta weird the husband talking about this stuff, but … Read more Suki Suki Now!


Second Life Digs – The Cox Estate

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We welcome you to our first edition of Second Life Digs! Second Life Digs is our answer to a show we know and love, MTV cribs! We are excited to show you how the Cox Family is living! We are looking for places to check out, if your interested hit us up on our contact … Read more Second Life Digs – The Cox Estate


Combat on SL

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OOC Tip: Life has been very hectic this week. I ask for prayers for my real life wife who also plays my SL wife. She is in the hospital and it’s tough being without her! But she’s missed and she’s getting better! I promise if you stick to the end I will post the most … Read more Combat on SL


We want what’s coming to us! The World! And everything in it!

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Welcome to our new and improved website! Here we will keep track of our pursuits of taking over the SL Virtual world! We are excited about the way our website looks now! Please excuse the mess as we get things back up to snuff! But we are excited to announce some things that you can … Read more We want what’s coming to us! The World! And everything in it!