Cox Residential Holdings

Any recognized member of the Cox Family are welcome to visit any of our homes and even live there. Contact Josh if your wishing to become a permanent resident of any of our homes! If your not in our family this is out of character information and if you do not contact a family member for approval before visiting, you could very easily be banned from visiting us again! Again contact Josh via our contact us page for an invite!

46 Tuscalee Cedar Creek

46 Tuscalee, Cedar, Creek

This home is located in a mountain town in Colorado. Quaint, charming and full of fun. This is a favored place when you just want to think!

Features: 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, BBQ Smoker, Den, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen

1 Oyster Bay Road, Cocoa Bay

This palatial manor is in Cocoa Bay and has every amenitie one could ask for! This is a favorite of our children!

Features: 5 bedroom, 2 Bath, Den, Office/Art Room, Parlor, Living room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Swimming Pool, Nursery for teh Kids, Movie Theater Room

Cocoa Heights Mansion

The Cox Compound

Location: Classified

The Cox Compound is our home away from RP!

Features: This place has it all! Beach, Guest house, two pools, deck, waterfall, bar, kitchen, living room, nursery, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath

The Cox Estate

Upper Hill, Coastal Heights

This is Josh’s primary residence. This place has four wings full of bedrooms and baths! A place to live in luxury and opulance! Come by and be our guest sometime!

Features: 6 Bedrooms, 3 Bath, Nursery, Living Room, Village Room, Office, Attic, Recording Studio, Radio Studio, Infinity Pool, Deck, and MUCH MUCH MORE!